Porsche Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Panamera Sport Turismo Creation

By Jacob Brown | December 20, 2012
At this year's Paris Motor Show, Porsche unveiled its stunning Panamera Sport Turismo concept, a hybrid station wagon version of its popular Panamera sedan. It was designed to forecast where Porsche will take its second-generation sedan when it launches in a few years, and may even signal that Porsche is willing to branch out and make different body styles for the four-door. To design the car, Porsche went through many stages. But most of them you'd likely never see had Porsche not made the video seen below. Taking viewers through all the steps, Porsche shows everything from the first sketches to the clay models, hard models that are easier to detail, see-through models that look as though they have interiors, polyester see-through models with concept-ready interiors, and finally the Paris Motor Show concept car. The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo may be a concept car, but it's fully driveable and has touches the automaker says will make it to production, such as the horizontal LED headlights. It's a fascinating mini documentary, with most of the audio dubbed over from German to English. The only words we found that the Germans had to use English for: "Sexy design."
Source: Porsche via YouTube