Video: The Chevrolet Sonic is NOT a Skateboard

Previously, Chevrolet released a commercial showing snapshots of its new lineup, and we saw the Sonic act like a skateboard. In this new video, that segment has been extended into a full-length commercial, where we get to see the story unfold. Running mundane errands become epic in this short, 1:01 minute video. The commercial opens up with Theophilus London skateboarding to his fridge to grab some milk for his bowl of cereal, only to find out he has none. He tightens his shoe laces and zips up his jacket, all coincidentally the same color at the Chevrolet Sonic he drives. The disclaimer "SONIC IS NOT A SKATEBORD. DO NOT ATTEMPT" makes you wonder just what is going to happen. People along the street watch the crazy antics and ridiculous stunts that London pulls, either with smiles or head shakes. London grinds the Sonic on storage bins, guard rails, and takes it off jumps, all to get to the small market to get some milk. While going off a particularly big jump, the video slows down so he can admire the birds. Landing on the back of a semi, he continues his journey to the "Mini Mart." London purchases his milk, making sure to buckle it in before taking off once again. As part of Chevrolet's "Find New Roads" campaign, the Sonic commercial does well to illustrate that the car is versatile and is "ready for anything." But, of course, it's not a skateboard and the stunts are courtesy CGI. That doesn't mean nobody will try the stunts for real, and only time will tell when a video of someone attempting the stunts ends up online with the driver disappointed when their car A) can't do what the car in the video did, or B) gets completely messed up because of it. Source: Chevrolet via YouTube
Princess Anne
Princess Anne

idiot would have had the surprise of his life if the salesman had a heart attack. this is just stupid!!