The Downshift Episode 65: The One About Tires

By | September 19, 2013
On this all-new episode of Motor Trend's The Downshift, a team from Tire Rack, alongside a team from Motor Trend, head out to the race track at Willow Springs to do some tire testing. Are performance tires better than standard factory tires? How much can they really make a difference? These questions and more are answered when Randy Pobst hits the track with a BMW 328i, Mustang V-6, and a Subaru BRZ. We all know that it's important to change the tires on our cars, much like we change our shoes. Eventually they wear out. The guys from Tire Rack brought along a truckload of tires to test out, including factory OEM tires, a higher performance version, and an extreme performance tire that is just one step away from a race tire. Pobst takes out each car around the track with each set of tires to accurately gauge the effectiveness of the tires. Tire Rack called Kim Reynolds, Technical Director, to come out and make sure all data was recorded properly and nothing was missed. Once each set of tires has been placed on the cars, it's time to see the change in performance and handling.
Watch the video below to see how each set of tires performed on each car around the track at Willow Springs. Do you think they make much of a difference? Source: Motor Trend via YouTube