Video: Two Spocks Boldly Go Head to Head in Hilarious New Audi S7 Commercial

By Jacob Brown | May 07, 2013
Star date: 7 May 2013. Leonard Nimoy has lived long and prospered, seeing his Spock successor, Zachary Quinto, find success in the reboot of the Star Trek series. In a new commercial from Audi, the two Vulcan actors match wits at 3D chess, and then agree to race to play a round of golf. Last one to the club pays for lunch, boldly going where many have probably gone before. Vulcans never bluff.
Quinto loads his clubs into a new Audi A7, its hatch swallowing the cargo. Nimoy struggles to get a set into his Mercedes-Benz CLS550, letting out a less-than-peaceful, censored expletive.
Quinto's Audi shines in lens flares worthy of a J.J. Abrams movie--in light that couldn't possibly make lens flares like that in real life--accompanied with epic music. Nimoy sings the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins, a song he originally performed 45 years ago for a variety show. And you thought William Shatner was the only Trekkie with a "music career."
The commercial can best be described as...fascinating. And freakin' hilarious. Watch it for yourself in what could be one of the best ads we've seen for the Audi S7 yet. And set your phaser to being stunned.

Source: Audi via YouTube