Video: Watch Porsche Put The New 911 Through Its Paces

By Blake Z. Rong | January 12, 2012
Porsche put the new 911 through its Experience Centre in Silverstone, England, complete with lots of low-speed sliding and high-speed cornering. Best of all, they put the whole thing on video for us to enjoy. DriverĀ Gordon Robertson explains (through a thick, Bunnahabhain-soaked Scottish accent) why theĀ preeminent Porsche, even with new bits like electromechanical steering and a seven-speed manual transmission, still remains true to its gorgeous chrome-fendered roots. It's well-produced in typical glossy Porsche style, with great cinematography and lots of powersliding footage to match. If the Braveheart voice becomes incomprehensible, however, there's plenty of lovely sounds of the 911's flat-six engine.