Videos: Kia Forte "Respect the Tech"

Kia has released three all-new animated commercials to help promote the new 2014 Kia Forte, filled with new technology. Like with the other commercials featuring the new Forte, the car is never without its robot, which seems to only concern itself with keeping the Kia Forte protected, whether from birds, the sun, or the wilderness. The poor man with the robot can't seem to catch a break. Showcased in each video is his attempt to spend some time with the robot. This first video he takes her to the woods for some camping, and while he builds them a tent, the robot builds a log cabin for the car.
The next video shows the man sitting under the shade of a tree on a sunny day. The Kia Forte is parked next to him, but that isn't good enough for the robot. It uproots the tree and replants it next to the Kia, making the man find shelter from the sun with an umbrella. The final video finds the two on the beach grilling some food. There's light poles with seagulls sitting on the cables above the car, and even though the man tries to shoo the birds away, it's up to the robot to find a permanent solution. Source: Kia via YouTube