Volkswagen Ad Campaign: Do Not Makeup and Drive

By Jason Davis | April 17, 2012
Apparently, young women today are uninformed about the dangers of applying makeup while driving. Because no one ever told them that while driving, your entire focus should be on the road, especially while traveling at a rate of speed that could kill you. Which is why Volkswagen and DDB Berlin have teamed up with YouTube "star", Nikkie, to tell women how incredibly stupid it is to apply makeup while driving. Hence this video. In the UK alone, there are over 500,000 car crashes per year attributed to women looking at their mirrors instead of the road. It seems obvious to us: Take your eyes off the road and your chances of dying an idiot increase exponentially. So, don't do it. Just get up a few minutes earlier and do it at home. That's a very logical conclusion, right? You didn't need us or Volkswagen or some girl who makes her living by applying makeup on YouTube to tell you this. Right? OK, well, just to cover our bases, we're posting the video here, too. Because that's just soooo many words to uggh, like, read, and most people would rather just click the triangle and let the TV and the computer talk. SPOILER ALERT: You'll have to wait until the :53 portion of the video for anything exciting to happen. Otherwise it's just some overly made up woman babbling incessantly into a mirror about diamonds and shiny things and stuff we're really not that interested in.

So, again, don't do the makeup and drive. You might break your mirror. Or your face. Source: Volkswagen