Volkswagen and Google Introduce SmileDrive

By | August 08, 2013
Do you want to have more fun behind the wheel? Now you can thanks to SmileDrive, the first app to help maximize fun whenever you set out on the road. Google and Volkswagen partnered up to develop this app that is currently available for download exclusively in the Google Play store. SmileDrive offers users virtual stickers and awards depending on a Smile Score, which is calculated by location, distance, time, and weather. Another unique feature of this app is the "PunchDub." Ever play the game where you punch someone if you see a Volkswagen Beetle? This is exactly that, in virtual form. Each time the driver encounters another Volkswagen, they collect "punches" when the app is running. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans spend an average of 52 minutes driving, and out of 144 million Americans, about 76 percent are by themselves. "A lot of time is spent in the car today, whether it is for the daily commute to work or setting off with friends and family on a weekend camping trip," said Kevin Mayer, Vice President of Marketing at Volkswagen of America, in a statement. SmileDrive was developed from the ongoing Art, Copy & Code project from Google, as well as a partnership with Deutsch LA, Volkswagen of America's creative and digital agency.  The new app offers an array of features, including sharing, Smilecast, stickers, punches, Smile Score, Find My Car, and Bluetooth streaming. Source: Volkswagen
  • Smiledrive Screen Shot