Volkswagen and Toyota Tease Quirky Super Bowl Ads

By Matthew Askari | January 24, 2013
Volkswagen made viral waves with its previous Super Bowl ads, including a mini-Darth Vader, and an ad with dogs bark-singing the "Imperial March." And while doubtless the Star Wars fanatics can take some of the credit for the popularity of those ads, we're now seeing a slew of teaser ads, which offer a sampling of what we might see come Super Bowl Sunday. This year's Volkswagen ad features a medley of viral "stars" that generated some social media buzz—the eHarmony crazy cat lady, the "sparklers" crying Packers fan, and others—all in a chaotic, quirky video with Jimmy Cliff singing "C'mon Get Happy." You can catch the Volkswagen Game Day teaser, below.

Not to be left out, Toyota released its own teaser--with The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco--making fantastical wishes come true, set to Skee Lo's "I Wish" rap of yesteryear. We're not quite sure what we think of it, but there could be more to the spot that airs on Super Bowl Sunday.

Source: Volkswagen, Toyota