Volkswagen Bullies Suzuki For Breaking Alliance, Suzuki Whines “Take It Back!”

By Blake Z. Rong | September 22, 2011
The playground taunting between Suzuki and Volkswagen continues unabated, and there’s no schoolteacher to put them in their respective time-outs. After Volkswagen called Suzuki a bad name for allegedly violating its contract, Suzuki is crying that Volkswagen better take it back…or else! Or else what? Neither company has figured that out yet. But Suzuki has issued an ultimatum to Volkswagen demanding that it takes back its accusation that Suzuki had violated their contact by buying diesel engines from Fiat. Suzuki claims that it had never done such a thing: Back in January it had put forth in writing that it wouldn’t be using Volkswagen’s engines. This statement has caused untold damage to its reputation, Suzuki says, and Volkswagen has 10 days to formally retract its statement. Suzuki has been on the warpath after Volkswagen’s initial accusation, claiming that the entire alliance was “a ball and chain” for the company. The two companies have been going back and forth ever since. The split between the two companies is all but final, and Suzuki is offering to buy back all of its shares from Volkswagen to finally end a partnership that hasn’t yielded anything in two years.
No word on whether Volkswagen is preparing an official statement that consists solely of “nuh uh!” Source: Reuters