Volkswagen Considering XL Sport with Ducati Engine

By | October 01, 2013
Based off the 313 mpg Volkswagen XL1 diesel hybrid, a racing version dubbed the XL Sport is being considered for production. The XL Sport will possibly feature a Ducati 1199 Panigale two-cylinder engine in place of the diesel-electric powertrain. At a conference at the University of Vienna, Volkswagen board chairman Ferdinand Piech announced the project. He noted that although the Ducati engine may be smaller than the TDI originally in the XL1, it will offer 187 horsepower, which should offer sufficient performance for the carbon fiber vehicle. The current XL1 model weighs just over 1,700 pounds, even with the heavy battery and engine. Without that heavy machinery, the XL Sport should weigh significantly less, enabling it to zip around the track with ease. The XL Sport will be fitted with a quick-shifting dual-clutch gearbox, giving the new model a 0 to 62 time of 4 seconds. The overall structure of the XL1 will be maintained, but will be made wider to accommodate larger tires and the aerodynamics will have to be reworked to focus on performance without hindering consumption. Because Audi purchased Ducati, creating a way to implement a motorbike engine into a car has become possible. Although this concept has yet to be confirmed, production will be limited and all vehicles will be strictly for track driving. Source: Auto Express, Le Blog Auto
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