Volkswagen Finds the Secret for Marketing Gold: Dogs + Star Wars = Massive Views

By Blake Z. Rong | January 19, 2012
This is really the trump card for advertising. While other car companies can tout their fuel economy figures and footage of beautiful young people driving around some trendy urban environ, Volkswagen cuts to the chase with what we really want to see: dogs in Star Wars costumes, barking a familiar tune. I mean, look at that Ewok dog! How friggin’ cute is that? Carrying with Volkswagen’s something cute + Star Wars advertising campaign, the video is a teaser for a suitably adorable commercial to air during the Super Bowl, and flies in the face of every Don Draper emotion-playing wannabe in the ad industry who’s pounding a fifth of Ballantine because he didn’t think of using cute animals first. Furthermore, an informal survey shows that the ad warmed the cockles of 4 out of 5 cynical, bitter auto journalists’ hearts. Cat people could not be reached for comment.
No word on whether crosstown rival Honda will air a commercial during the halftime show that consists of nothing but kittens in hats.