Volkswagen GTI Leaked Before Paris

By Blake Z. Rong | September 26, 2012
We already know what the new Volkswagen Golf, the seventh generation of the hatchback, looks like. But Volkswagen managed to pull a stunning reveal with the new GTI: swoopy curves, sensuous hips, and a brave, shocking wedge-shaped body impossibly low to the ground covering a rear-mounted V-12 engine, one that recalls the Lancia Stratos Zero and the Alfa Romeo Carabo of the 1970s—and yes!, those are four, count 'em, four gullwing doors on the new GTI, which makes VW designers' addition of a 3-foot tall roof scoop all the more curious... Just kidding. It won't take a stretch of the imagination to visualize the GTI, the go-faster version of the Golf: a pair of red lines on the honeycombed grille; and some edgy-looking ninja star wheels covering red brake calipers differentiate the conservatively minimalist GTI. A newer lower bumper design suggests width instead of height. In back, there is a spoiler up top, a diffuser down low, and twin tailpipes that imbue a far more subdued image of performance. Red stitching adorns the inside, with a flat-bottom steering wheel that's trademark GTI—and yes, you will be able to get plaid seats, if you wish to live out your Highlander fantasies. Volkswagen is set to debut the GTI at Paris this week. The GTI is one of those cars that could have been visualized with a few crayon doodles over the regular Golf, but it's not too late for Volkswagen to spring a double-gullwing on top of the Golf's tepid body, à la Volkswagen-Porsche Tapiro...
Source: Autocar