Volkswagen iBeetle Debuts at Shanghai Auto Show

What's New Volkswagen and Apple are teaming up to bring the iBeetle to the Shanghai Auto Show. Apple's iPhone will interface with the Beetle and Beetle Convertible thanks to a specially developed app and docking station. The iBeetle will be the first vehicle from Volkswagen's lineup to have the iPhone as an integrated component. Located in the center of the dashboard, the docking station allows the iPhone to snap in and integrate with the car. All functions of the iPhone will be usable, with the iPhone also used for navigation, hands-free calling, music, and more. The iBeetle will be available in 2014, with other customizable features to make it unique to the buyer. Who It's For Already an established vehicle, the Volkswagen Beetle is getting a technical upgrade that is sure to make its buyers happy. The new technology package courtesy of Apple will help draw in more buyers who are looking for this type of feature. Although it will only be available on the coupe and convertible models, there is still a lot to like. Almost all aspects of the car's technology, from the navigation to music, will be controlled via iPhone. Volkswagen is also tipping its hat to its collaborator in terms of the new color choices, which fall nicely in the iPhone's color scheme. Key Features The Volkswagen Beetle isn't changing mechanically, but there are plenty of new features to get excited about. Three of our favorites are:
  •  Standard iPhone Interface
  •  iBeetle App
  •  New Featured Interior and Exterior Colors
What We Think It makes sense that such an iconic vehicle would partner up with an equally iconic technology brand like Apple. The decision of the two companies to join in a collaborative effort to produce the new iBeetle is smart. Not only do the majority of people have iPhones, but now they will have the choice of a car that is uniquely set up with an iPhone-specific interface capable of controlling all functions one might want to use while on the road.