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Volkswagen Introduces The Beetle R Concept: The Hippie Car Gets Real Serious

By Blake Z. Rong | September 13, 2011
Here’s a fun bit of trivia: the world’s fastest insect is the Australian tiger beetle, which can run 170 times its body length in one second. It’s a fact that won’t be lost on Volkswagen’s straight-laced marketing department, should the company actually produce the tantalizing Beetle R concept shown above. The tiger beetle is also known for its aggressive, predatory behavior in running down its victims. (Ask David Attenborough.) Given the Beetle R’s aggressive intakes, tea tray rear wing and dual exhausts, it’s clear that Volkswagen wants you to know that it’s not messing around either. To top it off, it’s even painted in a color that VW grimly labels “Serious Grey.” If this Beetle had a flower vase, it would be used as a weapon. Under the Beetle R Concept's bulging fenders are 20-inch, 5-spoke polished wheels, the same style found on the Golf and Scirocco R, but an inch larger. Inside, the Beetle R gets a trio of instruments, blue piping to match the calipers, and severe-looking racing-type bucket seats with grey padding that VW calls “Ergopads.” With a name like that, they’re not kidding around, folks. In typical tight-lipped fashion, Volkswagen hasn’t released official specs on the Beetle R — but given its two serious siblings, it will most likely employ VW's 2.0-liter turbocharged TSI engine, putting out around 260 horsepower. Given that the fastest current Beetle, the Turbo, produces a decent 200 horsepower, the Beetle R will need more than a serious paint color and serious wheels to distinguish itself. 4MOTION all-wheel-drive would be a good start. That would show that Volkswagen is really serious, jah.
  • Vw Beetle Concept R 01
  • Vw Beetle Concept R 02
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  • Vw Beetle Concept R 09
  • Vw Beetle Concept R 10
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  • Vw Beetle Concept R 12
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown

@Bryan. The Jaguar is going to make waves in the smaller lux sports cars when it comes out. It'll be headed for production hopefully, and then we'll get a smaller car to complement the XK. Should be an exciting next few years.


But unfortunately it´s loosing the Hippie Style.

bryan mechanic
bryan mechanic

No doubt about Volkswagen's concept. The car looking so good with new features. What would you think about Jaguar C-X16. Please reply. Thanks,