Volkswagen Launches “Golf R Drivers Forever” App For iPad

By Blake Z. Rong | January 19, 2012
It may be a sad fact of life, but there’s a slim chance that you might own the Volkswagen Golf R. The limited-edition model is only set to 5000 examples—and you, the financially solvent potential owner, will have to battle unscrupulous price-raising dealers and possibly bloodthirsty fellow VeeDub enthusiasts before plonking down $33,900 on a US-spec example. May we offer a less expensive alternative? Volkswagen’s “Golf R Drivers Forever” app for the iPad lets you experience a long tradition of compact Teutonic performance heritage, starting from the original 1970 GTI to the R32 and R models, from a tour of Volkswagen’s beautiful Autostadt factory to legions of “hellaflush” basketweave-wheeled Rabbits. There are interviews from people ranging from hot-rod builder Chip Foose to VW America’s marketing team who don’t have a reality show, or at least not yet.  The app also includes a history of the Golf range, exclusive videos and images of the Golf R, and a factory brochure to facilitate your eventual Golf R purchase, someday.

Source: Volkswagen