Volkswagen Plans Two New SUVs, Golf Production In Mexico

By Blake Z. Rong | October 19, 2012
Volkswagen is bridging the Tiguan with two SUVs, one bigger and one smaller. And the new Golf will move to North America for its new home—either in Chattanooga alongside the Passat or in Mexico alongside the Beetle. But first, those Tiguan stablemates. One will slot between the Tiguan and the Touareg, "to appeal to US drivers," says Bloomberg Businessweek. To that end, it will have seating for seven and compete against traditional minivans—and big people-haulers like the Honda Pilot and Chevrolet Traverse—in an effort to erase Volkswagen's lackluster lash-up with Chrysler. The other SUV will be smaller than the Tiguan, which makes one wonder how small it will really be, seeing as the Tiguan is based heavily on the Golf. The next Golf will be bigger, however, which gives both SUVs some breathing room. Of course, Volkswagen's continued expansion in China and America will offset its five straight years of losses in Europe, so the more models the better.
Both will presumably also carry heretofore unpronounceable and incomprehensible names, beginning with the letter T. Meanwhile, that new Golf we showed you in Paris will make its way to a factory here; Chattanooga seems the obvious choice, but it's already at capacity, because people really love the Passat. "If we expand there," said CEO Martin Winterkorn, "an SUV that ends up roomier than the Tiguan would have a good shot." So, Puebla it is. The Volkswagen plant in Mexico already builds Jettas and Beetles for North America, so the Golf would feel right at home just as it is in the Volkswagen lineup. Production would start in 2014 just as it goes on sale here, which is a very important step for Volkswagen's future sales goals. The Golf is currently built in Germany in two locations, but production is planned for China, too. Source: Automotive News