Volkswagen Pushes New Technology for Accident-Free Driving

By | August 28, 2013
Volkswagen, with its hope to significantly reduce the number of fatal car accidents as well as the total number of accidents in its cars, has set a goal to explore all ways to help prevent any and all accidents. All innovative technology that the company is producing has been bundled under the "Vision Zero" concept. Volkswagen is committed to the safety of its customers and the vehicles around them, and has taken responsibility to ensure that safety. In addition to technology that detects pedestrians, Volkswagen is unveiling parking assists that enable automatic parking and exiting from tight spaces through smartphones. The automaker is also looking into systems that can fully navigate through road construction zones, as well as certain systems that can take control of steering in the event of medical emergencies. Volkswagen, through these new technologies, hopes to improve perception of the vehicle's surroundings and traffic, assist the driver in difficult situations, improve safety for occupants and others, as well as avoid accidents and serious injury. Engineers with Volkswagen Development are currently working on further innovations, keeping them on their path of accident-free driving. Volkswagen plans to offer further relief to drivers in the near future by making driving more relaxed and safer for both driver and passengers. The automaker will combine these new safety features with its guarantee of fun driving. Some of the more notable new safety innovations include PreCrash Rear that uses the information gathered by side assist lane change assistant, to evaluate whether there is a risk of a collision with the vehicle following, construction site assist, which uses a stereo camera with image processing to sense the surroundings and a mono camera to detect lane line markings, and Area View 2, which is activated by pressing the parking assist button or putting the car in reverse. Some of Volkswagen's latest innovations include:
  • Park Assist 3
  • Remote control parking
  • Trailer assist
  • Area view second generation
  • Emergency assist
  • Construction site assistant
  • Blind spot monitor
  • CAR2X safety
  • City emergency braking
  • PreCrash occupant protection system
Source: Newspress UK