Volkswagen Recalls Tiguan, Jetta Hybrid to Replace Lighting and Gearbox Oil

By | November 14, 2013
Volkswagen recently announced a recall for certain 2009-2011 Tiguan models for a problem that may result in the loss of lighting for the exterior of the vehicle. Another Volkswagen recall affects 2013-2014 Jetta Hybrids that need an oil change. The automaker's Tiguan recall involves approximately 62,155 units. In some cases, a fuse may trip and cause one of two light circuits to fail. Some of the vehicle functions will stop working. A warning will pop up on the instrument cluster informing drivers of the problem.
Meanwhile, a recall for the Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid involves 3,836 vehicles. According to the automaker, electric malfunctions can occur in the gearbox power supply if synthetic gearbox oil is used in the car. The recall only applies to Jetta Hybrid models equipped with the seven-speed dual clutch transmission. The problem is exacerbated by hot and humid weather and stop and go driving.
Both recalls will start in December, and dealerships will conduct repairs at no cost to consumers. This involves replacing the fuse in the Tiguan and putting in a new mineral-based oil with non-corrosive additives for the Jetta Hybrid. Source: Volkswagen