Volkswagen Sportsvan Shows Off New Design Language

By | November 08, 2013
With auto show season in full swing, Volkswagen has decided to roll out plans for an entirely new and modernized design language. The German automaker has already introduced one Golf-inspired concept vehicle that showcases glimpses of this new design. "It's time for a new look," an insider told Autocar. As we understand it, the new design language will keep certain features of the existing design including the link between the grille and headlamps, but the overall design will help to evolve these elements into a more modern and fresh look. At the Frankfurt Auto Show, we got our first view of this new design on the Sportsvan concept, which previews the Golf Plus replacement. The production model will of course use a different name than Golf or Sportsvan, and it is expected to come out in 2014. This new model will be just over 5 inches longer than the current Golf Plus, and will be around 3 inches longer than the five-door Golf. Taking a look at the Sportsvan concept, we see the end of the grille folding back to meet the headlights, which shows the classic Volkswagen design, but elevated. It's slight changes like this that will continue to make appearances on all new models. Source: Autocar
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