Volkswagen To Offer Pre-Owned Customers 3 Months of Sirius XM Radio

By Blake Z. Rong | August 28, 2012
If you're looking to buy an old Volkswagen and you can't find your Earth, Wind and Fire cassingle, you may be in luck: if you buy a pre-owned Volkswagen from a VW dealer with a pre-installed satellite radio, you'll get three free months of Sirius XM. In fact, Volkswagen is generous enough to extend this out to any used car on a Volkswagen dealer lot—regardless of make or model. This brings used Volkswagens up to par with new ones, where owners also get three free months of satellite radio. After that, it's time to pay up. Volkswagen claims that this is a demonstration of a new WorldAuto used-car certification program it's launching in October across the country, which means better service, cleaner cars, less Drakkar Noir wafting through the sales office, and most importantly: a 112-point dealer inspection and free vehicle history report.
In addition to 3 free months of Sirius, there are also two free years of 24-hour roadside assistance and a full warranty. The program is similar to the certifications of many companies, most notably the German luxury brands, but Volkswagen's Sirius inclusion—and on non-VW-badged vehicles, should you fancy something else—will be a strong selling point, allowing new VW owners to reenact their version of Pink Moon. Source: Volkswagen