Volkswagen Wants To Rock You Like A Fender-Cane

By Blake Z. Rong | June 01, 2012
Rock stars may have driven Beetles once, and the Woodstock parking lot may have been filled with them, but Volkswagen is taking the rock and roll association with the Beetle to its inevitable conclusion thanks to Fender. It's something the company's threatened to do ever since its partnership with Fender, which supplies their higher-end, branded sound systems in everything from the Golf to the Passat. Perhaps the most eye-catching thing about the Fender Beetle is inside: its color-coordinated dashboard insert is colored like the sunburst pattern on a 1961 Stratocaster. The seats are keyed with exclusive fabric inserts and contrasting stitching, and rather unsurprisingly, a Fender sound system is standard. On the outside, the Fender Beetles are all painted black, just like the Stones said, with chrome mirrors, retro-tastic 18-inch chrome moon discs, and Fender badges on the fenders, of cousre.
Volkswagen wants you to take your Beetle to the sort of folk-revival festivals pictured above, or failing that, Coachella. Let's see Hyundai do an Gibson edition Veloster at next year's show, complete with wood-grained, knife-edged Explorer styling. Or Ford, with its youth-targeting social media adventures, could take that and run with an Explorer Explorer? The potential guitar/automotive mashups are endless. Source: Volkswagen