Volkswagen's Start/Stop: Baby vs. Car

Volkswagen recently released its latest commercial, this time featuring the company's start/stop fuel-saving technology. That's great and all, but when you're trying to put your newborn to sleep by driving around the neighborhood, you'll be wishing you weren't so fuel efficient. The idea that babies fall asleep to the lull of the engine is showcased so well in this commercial. Every time the engine shuts off at a light, the baby wakes up, much to the disappointment of the father. As the commercial progresses, you can see him getting more and more desperate for his baby to fall asleep so he can have his own rest. Many new parents will easily relate to this commercial as they've likely been there at one point or another. When combined with the background music, this video is pure gold. Watch the video below to see the battle between child and car. Source: UK Volkswagen via YouTube