Volvo Issues Sweeping Recall For Bad Wiring

By Blake Z. Rong | March 02, 2012
There's a wiring harness under the seat of many Volvos that could disconnect if you move the seat back. What's that wiring harness connected to? The side airbags and seat belt pretensioner, and therein lies the importance of Volvo's upcoming recall: the two might not deploy, rendering the Swedish meatball's hard-earned reputation for safety as moot. Cars affected include the Volvo S60, S80, and the SUVs XC60 and XC70, all built from May 16 through October 6 of 2011. They are all model year 2012 cars, and 17,000 of them will need to be repaired. Volvo will secure the under-seat wiring harness for free, presumably through beautifully minimalistic Scandinavian design. The recall is slated to begin March 30th, with a Volvo recall number of 250 and an NHTSA campaign number of 12V075000. Here's another number that might be useful: Volvo's customer service number, (800) 458-1552, which you can call if you have any further questions.
Source: NHTSA