Volvo Places 100 Self-Driving Cars on Swedish Roads

By | December 03, 2013
Volvo Cars, one of the first companies to get into autonomous driving technologies, has placed 100 self-driving vehicles on the roads of Gothenburg, Sweden. The pilot project, known as "Drive Me--Self-driving cars for sustainable mobility," has been made possible by endorsements by the Swedish Government, and with partners that include the Swedish Transportation Administration, the Swedish Transport Agency, Lindholmen Science Park, and Gothenburg City. The Swedish automaker aims to find the benefits of autonomous driving with this innovative project, along with becoming known as a leader in the development of future mobility. "Autonomous. Shocked are an integrated part of Volvo Cars' as well as the Swedish government's vision of zero traffic fatalities. This public pilot represents an important step toward this goal," said Hakam Samuelsson, President and CEO of Volvo Cars Group, in a recent statement. The pilot program will involve just over 30 miles of road in and around the city of Gothenburg to provide real-world testing for the autonomous driving technology. The roads selected are the most used by commuters and include both highways and city streets.
Volvo plans to focus on five elements during testing, including the societal and economical benefits, the infrastructure requirements of autonomous driving, typical traffic situations, customer confidence, and how other drivers interact with self-driving vehicles. The project will kick off in 2014, and Volvo is hopeful that its first self-driving vehicles will be on the road by 2017. Source: Volvo