Volvo Prices 2014 Model Lineup

By | August 01, 2013
Volvo will be delivering the biggest renewal of existing models in the company's history, thanks to a major investment and product strategy to boost the company's position in the global market. The 2014 models have received new exterior designs, along with new features and engines. Select 2014 Volvo models will receives the Adaptive Digital TFT Display that will allow drivers to choose between three configurations that offer different functions, including Elegance, Eco, and Performance. Elegance offers the traditional appearance, with a large speedometer with secondary display borders. Eco has a green background illumination with a meter that is displayed on the left. Performance has a red background illumination, with a tachometer replacing the speedometer. Vehicle speed is shown digitally. Along with the Adaptive Digital TFT Display, paddle shifters will come standard on most T6 AWD and R-Design models, and will be available on the T5. The new paddle shifters will be paired with Advanced Quick Shift (AQS) to improve gear change speed, acceleration, and to increase the vehicle's performance potential.
Pricing for the 2014 Volvo model lineup is below. Source: Volvo
S60 T5 $32,400
S60T5 Premier $34,900
S60T5 Premier Plus $35,500
S60T5 Platinum $38,250
S60 T6 AWD $39,250
S60 T6 Premier Plus $39,900
S60 T6 Platinum $42,600
S60 T6 R-Design AWD $42,700
S60 T6 RD Platinum $45,700
S80 3.2 FWD $39,900
S80 3.2 Premier Plus $41,400
S80 3.2 Platinum $44,100
S80 T6 AWD $43,950
S80 T6 Premier Plus $45,450
S80 T6 Platinum $48,150
XC70 3.2 FWD $34,500
XC70 3.2 Premier $37,900
XC70 3.2 Premier Plus $39,450
XC70 3.2 Platinum $41,950
XC70 T6 AWD $40,950
XC70 T6 Premier Plus $42,950
XC70 T6 Platinum $45,650
XC60 3.2 FWD $34,850
XC60 3.2 Premier $37,950
XC60 3.2 Premier Plus $39,250
XC60 3.2 Platinum $41,950
XC60 T6 $41,550
XC60 T6 Premier Plus $42,850
XC60 T6 Platinum $45,550
XC60 T6 R-Design AWD $45,800
XC60 T6 RD Premier Plus $47,100
XC60 T6 RD Platinum $49,800
XC90 3.2 FWD $39,700
XC90 3.2 Premier Plus $41,200
XC90 3.2 Platinum $43,900
XC90 3.2 R-Design FWD $42,700
XC90 3.2 RD Platinum $45,400