Volvo to Produce S60 Polestar?

By Jason Davis | July 17, 2012
Everyone knows that Volvo makes safe cars, or that the Swedish auto manufacturer has been linked to numerous safety and technology related advances in its quirky history. But now, with the help of touring car tuner Polestar, Volvo might soon also be known for performance. Enter this S60 Polestar Concept, which is a not-so-mildly tuned version of the S60 T6 AWD currently on sale. With 300 horsepower from its 3.0-liter, turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, that car was no slouch. But in a rare sign of Swedish immodesty, Polestar upped the power ante with 500 screaming horses whinnying under the hood. According to Mike Febbo of our sister magazine Motor Trend, that’s enough power to rocket the S60 Polestar Concept to freeway speeds in less than 4.0 seconds. There is a catch, however: the S60 Polestar is just a concept and there are no immediate production plans. That could change, says the UK’s Autocar, which this morning said that Volvo is “in serious discussions” for a production run.
To clarify the contradictory statements, we spoke with Febbo, one of just a handful of journalists to have actually driven the beast in Sweden. According to Febbo, Polestar has enough components to build ten S60 Polestars right now, and are, in fact, eager to sell them in Volvo dealerships. “It isn’t hard to imagine a slightly detuned version with less exotic equipment being made in a real production run to compete with the likes of M3s and RS4s,” he said. “With all this development time and money spent on a vehicle, it just doesn’t make logical sense to think it won’t turn into a production vehicle, or at the very least, a line of performance products above and beyond the current line of engine management software.” So, if Polestar can build them, will the customers come? That remains to be seen, but who wouldn’t want a 500-hp, all-wheel drive luxury sled? Source: Motor Trend,
Val Valeriano
Val Valeriano

I just oredered and purchased a S60R straight from Sweden factory. My gift to me after serving in Iraq. If Volvo builds the S60 Polestar, I will trade my 2012 R model in for one :-)