Volvo Trucks President Goes Out on a Limb for Hits

By | September 04, 2013
Would you volunteer to stand on a truck that was hanging over the Gothenburg Port in Sweden, only held up by the new hook on the Volvo FMX truck? President of Volvo Trucks, Claes Nilsson, did just that, looking calm like he does this on a daily basis. Could you see yourself going to that length for one of your products just for some hits on YouTube? Nilsson sure knows how to make what looks like a potentially horrifying stunt commonplace. The video opens up with him holding a pole, although we have no idea what it is or why. As the commercial progresses we get the full picture, making some cringe at the height of the suspended new Volvo FMX. This video was made to show the towing capabilities of the new truck, indicating that if it could do what it does in the video, everyday truckers have nothing to worry about. The new cast-iron hook is able to haul up to 3,200 tons, where this stunt shows the full robustness of the new FMX. Surprisingly, it looked like there were no safety nets or wires or harnesses around Nilsson, just his arm around the pole that's holding the truck suspended in the air. Even the guy holding the microphone looks to have more support than him. Check out this crazy stunt in the video below to see first-hand just how far the president of Volvo Trucks is willing to go to show you how capable the new truck is. Source: Volvo Trucks via YouTube