Volvo Ups Ante for "My Parents Have the Best Job in the World" Debate

By Jacob Brown | May 02, 2012
At some point, you probably went to a "Bring your kids to work" day with your mom or dad, getting to check out what your parents did for a living. And you probably shared it in class, too. It seems then that Volvo wanted to give the kids of its employees enough ammunition to derail even the most obnoxious kids' braggadocio with its day that, to be honest, we wish we could've attended. Volvo gave rides in its ultra-rare "Jakob" prototype car from 1927, demonstrated how airbags work, ran a trivia contest, and then let the kids loose for finger painting on a Volvo S60, S80, and XC90.  Per Volvo, the cars "were white when the event started but at the end our product team had a tough time coming up with names for the new colors."
Fortunately for those of you worried about the vehicles in question, Volvo opted to use a washable water-based paint, just in case anyone ever wanted to see out of the windows again and drive the vehicles. But we think Volvo should follow suit of BMW's Art Car program and immortalize the cars as a statement that the brand doesn't take itself too seriously when it comes to letting kids enjoy them. It'd be a cool souvenir for the the children to be able to come back to someday. And make their classmates jealous that they got to finger paint on $35,000 and up luxury cars. Heck, all I ever got from my mom's work was one of those cheap orange drinks with the aluminum foil lid. To see more pictures from the event, go to Volvo's Facebook page. Source: Volvo U.S.