Volvo XC60 Turned into Art Piece

Volvo Car Switzerland has organized the Volvo Art Session in Zurich, Switzerland, and over the weekend of June 7-9, upcoming and established artists gave the 2014 Volvo XC60 a new look. The theme of this year's session was "Designed Around You." What appeared on stage was a white XC60 in front of a white canvas backdrop, and artists were invited to paint, spray, and design whatever they wanted to make their visions come alive. Each artist created a three-dimensional piece of art that was on display for a short period of time before the next artist came and painted over it. "With the Art Session we want to demonstrate that Volvo Cars is a creative and innovative brand which places people at its heart. This unique art happening also enables us to reach new potential customers who hadn't considered Volvo previously, said Anouk Poelmann, President of Volvo Car Switzerland, in a recent interview.
All art was documented by renowned Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini, and his photos are set to be published in a photo book to come out later this year. This year's Session was an exhibition of international artists and was organized with contributing Swiss artists. The invited artists included German 3-D graffiti artist DAIM, French-American duo Koralie & Supakitch, and rising street artists Etam Cru from Poland, Swiss graphic designer Blanda Eggenschwiler, Canadian couple Lexr & Evoke, and Daniel Man based out of Germany. Source: Newspress USA