VOTD: Lime Green Porsche Cayenne GTS is Green

By Jason Davis | April 30, 2012
Oh hey, look, it's the new Porsche Cayenne GTS that was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show, and wow, look at how green it is! We're not yet sure if it's an indication of how green with envy you'll be for the neighbor who picks one up, or if it's an allusion to the extra Benjamins you'll have to fork over for larger wheels and additional 20 horsepower. But we are pretty sure that YouTuber "Chipalike" summed it up best: "It looks like a lime on wheels." Of course, that's not the only thing the YouTubiverse picked up on. With that thumping bass note and searing guitar line, it sounds like the music is straight out of the 90's, which isn't even as cool as the best arcade racing game music of all time, that ironically features a slew of Germany's most iconic coupe's getting lapped by some primadonna in a Ferrari Testarossa. The color and the music in the Cayenne video are a curious choice, and you could argue that the open highways and helicopter video are a little underwhelming as well. Unfortunately, it seems--SQUIRREL!
As we were saying, the new Cayenne GTS is green. We'd prefer the brown Cayenne S Hybrid. What do you think?

Source: Porsche