VW Union roadblocks Porsche

By James Kwok | April 28, 2008
As Porsche AG makes moves to take over Volkswagen, Europe's largest automaker, German trade union IG Metall is taking its own steps to ensure that the autoworkers that make up some 90% of VW workers do not become marginalized. One of the main issues is representation in a supervisory board, which gives both Porsche and VW an equal number of seats, though there are thirty times more VW employees. At a general assembly of shareholders on the 24th of April, IG Metall union members plan to hold a demonstration in the norther port of Hamburg, with upwards of one thousand VW employees from various sites expected to attend. Our take? There should certainly be interesting things in store for this Thursday, with so many jobs and futures on the line - but the real show will be taking place with the German government's involvement in allowing the workers the ability to keep having a say in their company. via AFP