Wagon Envy? Meet the Father of the BMW 3 Series Touring

By Jacob Brown | May 09, 2013
For the 2014 model year, BMW is bringing back the 3 Series Sports Wagon, but it wouldn't have been possible without Max Reisböck, an engineer for the automaker, who many years ago set the wheels in motion. Going on vacation with his family in the 1980s, Reisböck came to the conclusion that he couldn't fit his daughter's tricycle into the trunk of his BMW 3 Series. Paragraphimage His solution? Turn it into a wagon. Using the rear pillars from the sedan, be moved them back to the outer flanks, creating the first BMW 3 Series Touring, what we call a station wagon. The 1980s 3 Series Touring went into production nearly unchanged. Unless you have a friend in the importing business or know someone who does, you've probably never seen one on American soil. The long-roof BMW 3 Series didn't come to the U.S. until the end of the last century. Fortunately for us, despite its niche status on this continent, it has stuck around since then, with BMW bringing it back as the 3 Series Sports Wagon. Whatever it's called, you can thank Reisböck for his ingenuity in making it a reality for you, me, and everyone else who loves wagons and the generally fun-driving nature of BMWs. Watch his interview below.

Source: BMW via YouTube

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