Walgreens to Add Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Across the Country

By Trevor Dorchies | August 02, 2011
Walgreens, the biggest national pharmacy chain in the United States, will soon be the newest location to charge an electric vehicle. By the end of 2011 around 800 EV charging stations will be installed at Walgreens across the country. These stations will have the capability of charging both Level 2 and vehicles that use the new standardized high-speed direct chargers. A Level 2 charger can be placed wherever there's 240 volt power, and can either go in a garage or be freestanding. A high speed direct charger requires 300-600 volts of continuous electricity in order to function properly. This will enable heavy-hitters like the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf as well as low speed electric vehicles like golf carts to collect some extra juice while their owners are inside shopping. A major concern with electric vehicles is its lack of range, averaging about 75 miles before a recharge is needed. With a lack of easily accessible charging stations, many EV owners find themselves planning daily routes that fit the daily range limit. The expected 800 charging stations will be spread out across Boston, Denver, New York City, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Other Walgreens locations in Florida, New Jersey, Oregon, Tennessee, and Washington will also receive charging stations. The installation of some EV stations have already begun at more than 60 stores in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth and Chicago. The high speed stations can add up to 30 miles to the range of an electric car in 10 minutes of charging. The Level 2 charge can tack on 25 more miles to the overall range on an hour’s worth of charging. Walgreens isn't the first to add electric charging stations. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store introduced charging stations at 24 locations in Tennessee alone late last year.  Cracker Barrel, like many other businesses decided to implement the charging stations in an effort to keep up with the times. The EV charge spots are located in Chattanooga and other locations along "The Tennessee Triangle," a 425 mile highway that connects Chattanooga with Knoxville and Nashville. Do you think EV charging stations popping up everywhere will change people’s perspectives about buying an electric car? Tell us what you think below in the comment section.