Wards Auto Fuel Economy Report Says MPG Numbers Are On The Rise

By | August 06, 2013
Wards Auto has announced the results for its first annual Wards Auto Fuel Economy Index: State of the Industry report. It was found that new technologies and buying patterns have managed to lift fuel economy to 24 mpg in 2012, a record high. This average represents a full 1-mpg improvement over light vehicles sold in the last 12 months. Data reported by Wards Auto uses the model-line light vehicle sales, engine installation rates, and EPA fuel economy ratings. Using these three criteria, Wards Auto calculated relative average fuel economy that spans segments, brands, and engine power. The fuel economy gain reported in Wards Auto's Fuel Economy Index showed the largest year-to-year improvement. Since the inception of the Fuel Economy Index, fuel economy has improved each year, with 2012 marking a 4.3-percent gain. The last biggest increase was in 2009 with a 3.2-percent jump, which credits its increase to the government-sponsored "Cash for Clunkers" program that pushed owners to sell their older vehicles and purchase more fuel-efficient models.
Sales for light vehicles, including small and midsize cars, skyrocketed in 2012, furthering fuel economy gains for the year. Customer preference continues to lead toward more fuel-efficient vehicles, they also purchased more efficient powertrains across all segments, giving vehicles with four-cylinder engines a record share of car sales. To view the full report, go to www.wardsauto.com/fueleconomy. Source: Wards Auto