Watch: Infiniti M Hybrid vs. Porsche Panamera S Hybrid Drag Race

By Trevor Dorchies | January 24, 2012
Normally when you think of drag racing—or any racing for that matter—a hybrid vehicle doesn't come to mind. However, Infiniti thinks hybrids and racing can coexist, squaring off its M Hybrid against a Porsche Panamera S hybrid in the desert. In today's Video of the Day Infiniti shows off its M Hybrid's power as it watches the Panamera S hybrid shrink in its side view mirror. The video, shown below, shows a Stig look-alike getting into the Panamera and laying down some rubber. The Porsche then takes off into the open desert only to find out the Infiniti M Hybrid is more than a car-length ahead of it. While we don't want to spoil the whole video for you Infiniti does a good job letting you know its M Hybrid is just as powerful as other luxury hybrids, and can even take on the gasoline-powered competition. This isn't Infiniti's first time parading its hybrid technology around. Earlier we reported that Car Magazine's Tim Pollard set a world record for the fastest hybrid as he piloted an Infiniti M35h down the Santa Pod drag strip in the UK.  Check out the video of the Infiniti M Hybrid as it leaves the formidable Porsche Panamera S hybrid in its sandy dust below. After seeing this video would you consider buying a luxury hybrid even with its steep price tag? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Source: YouTube