We Drive: 2013 Mini Cooper JCW GP

By Jacob Brown | February 26, 2013
Forget the practical side of Automotive.com. Outside of having two cup holders, two seats, and a gas tank, there's nothing remotely pragmatic about the 2013 Mini Cooper JCW GP. A going away party of sorts for the seven-year-old hatchback before it gets replaced at the end of this year, the GP boasts more horsepower, fewer pounds, a strut brace in place of the back seat--sorry friends and family--and an adjustable racing-style suspension in addition to a bunch of other trick features to help get the car moving and keep it where you want it. Mini invited us to Puerto Rico to drive this limited-production hatch. How limited? Try 500 cars for the U.S. And did we drive it in San Juan or Ponce--you know, where the clean city roads are? Absolutely not. We back-roaded it, taking on grueling narrow roads, roosters and dogs in the street, and the anarchy that is Puerto Rican traffic. How'd the car do? You're just going to have to follow the link to find out.