We Will Crush You: Mercedes-Benz Consigns Unlawful 300 SL Replica to Scrap Heap

By Joel Arellano | March 21, 2012
You spend millions (billions?) of serious coin in developing a product, with hundreds of employees devoting untold thousands of hours for said product. Then some cocky company thumbs its nose at you, copies your final product to sell as a replica, all without your permission. So what's the proper response? Well, if you're German uber automaker Mercedes-Benz, you take said company to court, win, and crush the competition. Literally. Details are few, but Mercedes-Benz engaged in some recent lawyer-versus-lawyer action overseas over its 300 SL supercar. Apparently a German-based company, which shall go unnamed here, decided to build a replica of the Mercedes 300 SL. That's apparently a big no-no in the Fatherland: Mercedes-Benz's parent company Daimler takes its designs very seriously. The original designers of the 300 SL had given exclusive rights to the vehicle to Daimler, which had been confirmed by the local courts as well.
Custom officials got their hands on the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL replica. After Mercedes won the court battle, its used-parts center separated the replica's chassis from the main body like bones from a fish. Massive compressors then smashed said body into itsy, bitsy pieces. We would have love to been a fly on the wall to see Mercedes employees' reaction as they signed off the "confirmation of scrappage" paperwork. Source: Mercedes-Benz