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Week In Review: Shredded Teslas, Supercars, and Spied Sedans

The first week of March starts the month off right. Tesla brought in Monday with a cringe-worthy video where technicians destroy a Model S for an informative safety video. Tuesday brings the Big Three Detroit automakers to the forefront as they are tasked with making vehicles more female-friendly. The 2013 Geneva Motor Show introduces new exotics to love and hate on Wednesday, ranging from the Lamborghini Veneno to the LaFerrari. Thursday lightened up the mood with "Brothers from a different mother," Volkswagen XL1 and the GM EV1. However, the biggest story of the week is Friday's spy photos of the new Cadillac ATS-V. With so much going on, it was hard to pin down the top stories of each day. We've given you a snapshot of the most important features of each article below. Paragraphimage Monday, March 4 We had to bring you the video of the Tesla Model S being ripped apart with the Jaws of Life. It's important to know what to do in the event that an electric or hybrid vehicle gets into an accident or emergency situation. To help educate first responders and law enforcement agents, Tesla created a video to clearly point out how hybrid and electric vehicle differ from standard gasoline cars and the best methods to help those trapped in a vehicle. The video warns about possible electrocution and other dangers, before getting into the meat of the video, or should we say the meat of the Model S? Paragraphimage Tuesday, March 5 Ever wanted to know the statistics of female-to-male new car purchases? More than 39 percent of all new cars sold have a woman's name on the registration. When looking at the list of the top ten vehicles purchase by female buyers, there are no domestic brands on the list. Detroit's automakers like Ford, GM, and Chrysler still face challenges in catering to the female buyer, with the main reason being that women prefer foreign automakers as they are more reliable, higher quality, and more dependable. Although there have been new ideas implemented to boost feminine appeal, there is much work left to be done before domestic brands can produce the same number of female buyers as the imported brands. Paragraphimage Wednesday, March 6 Known as being the "wacky, expensive, and sometimes wacky-expensive" motor show, the 2013 Geneva Motor Show delivered some big concepts, as well as some we would rather not mention. Mainstream vehicles take a backseat when the supercars take the stage, and for good reason. Some of the cars that debuted include the 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 with a price tag starting at $131,350, the McLaren P1 that's actually a plug-in hybrid with 727 horsepower, and the Ferrari LaFerrari that will only have 499 units produced. Paragraphimage Thursday, March 7 GM and Volkswagen have created cars that are too similar, and thus we have dubbed them the "Brothers from Another Mother." GM started the creation of its EV1 in 1996, and it became the poster child for what electric vehicles could be: fun and efficient. Almost two decades later, Volkswagen introduced the production version of its XL1 hybrid at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Its physical appearance makes it seem like it's an evolution of GM's EV1. With more features in common than seventeen years would likely produce, it’s hard to decide which car is better than the other. Paragraphimage Friday, March 8 Rounding out the week is a glimpse of the upcoming 2015 Cadillac ATS-V that was caught testing on winter roads earlier this week. Things are heating up between the Cadillac ATS and the BMW 3 Series, and Cadillac's answer to the 3 Series is the latest ATS-V. Due for the 2015 model year, the performance model sedan was seen in full camouflage while testing, however, when you look closely at the photos, you can see redesigned fog lights, huge air intakes, and headlights that have an LED light bar. Cadillac refuses to confirm what will be under the hood, but the rather large bump leaves viewers guessing as to what they'll place in there.
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