Week In Review: Leaks, Scoring, Partnerships, and Debts

By | November 02, 2013
The month of October has come to an end, and was carried off into the sunset by Christmas carols and snowflakes. This week was one filled with comebacks, large debts, leaked photos, and much more to keep us busy for days. With all the preparation and carting small kids around for Halloween, we don't expect you to get around to reading all of our thoughtful prose we wrote this week. In consideration of that, we've brought you the week's top stories in a snapshot version for your reading pleasure. Catch up on all this week had to offer below. Monday, October 28
Although Lexus didn't do so well in Consumer Reports' previous survey, in this year's reliability survey, the luxury brand received top scores. Out of the top ten spots, seven were claimed by Japanese automakers, while two were snatched up by the Europeans, and America managed to squeeze its way in for the last spot. Toyota and Acura rounded out the top three positions, followed by Mazda, Infiniti, Volvo, Honda, GMC, and Subaru. Surprisingly, Scion dropped to 11th place this year after dominating the charts just one year ago. Nissan also took a big hit, dropping from 13th in 2012 to 22nd this year. Qualifications for the survey consisted of each brand having at least two ranked models, and five brands didn't make the cut. But there's always next year.
Tuesday, October 29
The internet is buzzing with news of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, as photos of the exterior and interior were leaked prior to its official debut. We recently saw this leak right around the same time as the BMW 2 Series and next M3, and it seems like the Germans just can't keep a lid on anything lately. The exterior shots depicted classic Mercedes-Benz styling with more modernized features, with a new grill that could possibly be housing a new system for active aerodynamics. Although we don’t know what will be under the hood, the interior and technology features of the new C-Class draw heavily from the recently-launched S-Class, giving the previous entry-level vehicle an elevated level of luxury and class. A coupe model is on its way, and it's only a matter of time before the C63 AMG successor is announced.
Wednesday, October 30
According to a report made by Congress, the U.S. Treasury has lost $9.7 billion from the General Motors bailout. After purchasing a 60 percent stake in the company back in 2009, GM stock sales haven't climbed high enough to garner back all the money that was paid out. As of now, the remaining shares held by the Treasury Department must be sold at $147.95 to break even. The rest of the government's shares should be sold by April 2014, according to the plan laid forth earlier. Taxpayers will end up losing a lot of money on the bailout, but the government has been adamant that the bailout was not an attempt to claim a profit, but to save jobs. According to the Center for Automotive Research, the GM bailout managed to save around 1.5 million jobs.
Thursday, October 31
In a strange turn of events, the Los Angeles Auto Show and the Tokyo Motor Show will be held during the same time, prompting automakers to choose where they want to unveil new concepts. Subaru has planned to introduce three new crossover wagons in Tokyo, including a seven-passenger model. The automaker recently announced the discontinuation of the Tribeca three-row crossover, and has since claimed that it has plans to return to the segment in the future. Who knew the future would be just a few weeks away? The Crossover 7 concept, which looks like the Japanese-market Subaru Exiga, is the automaker's solution to the hole the Tribeca has left in its lineup. We know that it will hold seven passengers, but not much else. The Levorg, another concept, will be the inspiration behind the next wagon, similar to the contemporary Outback models sold here. Finally, Subaru will show the Cross Sport, but has yet to release any information other than that it will be a subcompact crossover.
Friday, November 1
Daimler and Tesla currently have a partnership where the electric automaker supplies Mercedes-Benz with batteries and electric motors, but the German luxury brand wants more from the partnership. Daimler's CFO Bodo Uebber was quoted saying, "I told my guys, go back to Tesla and look for other opportunities." Although Daimler only has a 4.3 percent stake in the California automaker, it wants to get everything it can from the partnership. Uebber went on to say that its compact architecture, which the CLA-Class and GLA crossover are based on, needs to be better utilized. Mercedes-Benz needs to push itself into the entry-level segment with new compact models to appeal to a younger, broader customer base. Audi and BMW have already accomplished this, and now it's time for Mercedes-Benz to do the same.