Week In Review: Ides Of March Edition

By Blake Z. Rong | March 17, 2012
If Billy Shakespeare’s words are to be believed, Ol’ Caesar should have heeded that crazy woman’s ramblings. Maybe he’d still be alive today—ok, probably not—to invent some more salad dressings, or appear in a Nicki Minaj video, or fiddle with the calendar some more. Would that give us more stories for this weekend roundup? It probably would. We’ve had so much to share this week, we can only blame Brutus for removing what would have otherwise been a couple of extra days for us. Gratias nihil, Brute!* *Thanks for nothing, Brutus! Monday, March 12
It’s a strange, bizarre, yet sometimes wonderful world we live in when we have commercials for commercials, and trailers for race car unveils. But that’s exactly what Audi is tempting us with their R18 e-tron, the company’s diesel hybrid Le Mans Prototype race car. Audi knows a thing or two about, oh, I don’t know, dominating at Le Mans, and the R18 promises to carry on this butt-kicking legacy. Now that it’s even more fuel-efficient, Audi’s competitive efforts at endurance racing—which it will prove this week, at the 12 Hours of Sebring—will be reinforced with a brand-new car.
Tuesday, March 13
Want a Subaru BRZ? Of course you do. Well, there’s bad news and good news. Bad news: get in line. Good news: there are only 5,999 people in front of you. Wait, that might be bad news too. Worse news? They might all be accounted for already. But if you still think that you can beat the odds and, as Jacob Brown says, become the “dorifto kingu,” then head over to Subaru’s website and claim your spot NOW! NOW NOW NOW! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, MAN?!
Wednesday, March 14
Now that the Hyundai Genesis Coupe gets revamped with more power, the Muscle Car Wars can be rightfully considered a World War at this point. And don’t laugh—the Genesis manages to be lighter than the Camaro, Challenger and Mustang stalwarts, with the Camaro coming in at slightly under the displacement of an Iowa-class battleship. The Camaro has 40 percent of the rear-drive sports coupe market, but will it last? It had better—the Camaro will stick around until 2015, so until then it’s the Battle of Guadacanal for sales superiority. Whatever that means.
Thursday, March 15
No more sketchy car ads: the Federal Trade Commission has put the kibosh on “guaranteed financing!” and other caveat emptors from dealership-running hair-shirt enthusiasts. Dealers can no longer claim to pay off your old loan and, well, proceed to not pay it off. Truth in advertising is a beautiful thing, and like all the most beautiful things in life, we rarely come across it. But now that dealers will have to come clean in their ads, the FTC is granting us consumers something that’s pretty nice in general.
Friday, March 16
Associate Editor Matt Askari took the Mazda CX-5 up around the hallowed pavement of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, and somehow survived to tell the tale. An SUV put through its paces around one of the world’s most infamous racetracks? The CX-5 is something special, that’s for sure, and didn’t cause any unneeded heart palpitations in the chests of fidgety insurance adjusters. Read the first drive here.