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Week in Review: Now with Spring Vigor

By Matthew Askari | March 24, 2012
Suddenly it's the weekend and you've been so busy you've barely been able to get on to to get your daily fix of all that's happening in the world of autos. If you want to chalk this one up to being thrown off with the new time change, adjusting to spring (whatever that entails) and the like, we understand that you won't let this happen again, and we agree to forgive you this once. Additionally, we decided to do our weekly round-up of what you may have missed. Just don't make this a habit, buddy. We're on to you. Paragraphimage Monday Remember when Toyota was recalling millions of cars, sales were falling off a cliff, and it seemed as though the word "beleaguered" would forever be associated with the Japanese manufacturer? Yeah, neither does anybody else. With its  former woes seemingly long forgotten, the leader in hybrid technology once again proves to be the favorite in the field, thanks in no small part to the expansion of its Prius lineup to include two new vehicles, the Prius v wagon, and the Prius c compact. Toyota recently launched the Prius c here in the U.S. Only there's a problem: looks like they like them some Prius c in Japan, as well. And thanks in part to the Yen to dollar exchange rate, the Toyota is letting its domestic Japanese market call dibs on this one. Paragraphimage Tuesday We're less than two weeks away from media and journalists descending on the Empire State, in what is shaping up to be a surprisingly busy 2012 New York Auto Show. We already knew that Mercedes-Benz was coming to the party in a big way, and earlier this week they spilled the beans on one of the vehicles we'll see. Hot on the heels of the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class debut, the German manufacturer will be introducing the über version: the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG. What makes it so special? How about a 621-horsepower twin-turbocharged V-12, and a top speed of 186 mph? Not only is that faster and more powerful than the previous version, the new coupe is lighter and even gets better fuel economy. Paragraphimage Wednesday SUVs were once the darlings of the auto-industry, but with consumer demands for more eco-friendly (and less greedy) vehicles, the hay-days of the large behemoths of yore are behind us. But, there's still a market for the SUV that can offer the utility of three passenger rows so the whole family can ride along to dinner, and, will leave enough change in your pocket so you can pay the bill. Associate editor Jacob Brown has compiled a list of the top ten non-luxury three-row crossovers. Number one on the list? Your hint is they've already received a mention up above. Paragraphimage Thursday There was a rumor spreading a while back that Disneyland's neighbor, Disney's California Adventure, was working on something of particular interest to our staff. Rumor, confirmed. Turns out the California themed amusement park will have a Cars ride based on the Disney Pixar film of the same name. A video of the ride's path make sit look like a cross between one of Disney's slow-roll-through-a-movie ride (think Peter Pan, for example) and a high-speed roller coaster. Either way, it looks like fun, and associate Editor Jason Davis gives us a preview. Paragraphimage Friday Electric cars have had a mixed reception here in the U.S., but is it mind over matter? Associate Editor Blake Rong writes a candid post, detailing the woes, but also questioning the criticism that has followed. Also, there's something about hitting on the First Lady and sneaking an overweight ferret into Westminster. You'll just have to read it for yourself.