Week in Review: Weekend Location

By | October 10, 2013
It was a weekend not too long ago when I had the 2013 Honda Civic Si, and decided to take it to a photo spot that is really only available during the weekend. The reason being is that during the week this location is completely swarmed with eighteen-wheelers and other delivery trucks dropping off their loads. There are so many and parked so closely together that I wonder how they even get into their positions. I’m sure early in the morning during the week there is this huge orchestration of trucks and trailers all dancing around the pavement. But I’m not here for the ballet. On the weekend though it’s a ghost town. Loading docks for almost a quarter mile, and no one there. After taking a quick drive to see what this new Civic was all about it was time to shoot. Opposite side from the loading docks is a cement wall about three stories tall that, if you go later in the day when the sun is low on the horizon, gives you some great open shade to shoot in. You can think of it as an artificial horizon and the sun has already set. The Civic here is backed up against that wall, hiding the harsh specular sun and giving me a full sky of cloud cover acting like a giant soft box. Soft light and a neutral background really make colorful cars "pop" here. And this flaming red civic is a good example of that. As long as the gate stays open on the weekends I’ll continue to use this location to my advantage.