What Will 2016 Hold for Dodge?

Product upgrades and plant sourcing moves that Chrysler Group started in 2010 will culminate in 2016, and although decisions will be made before then, there are still many questions without answers. For example: Will there be a Dodge brand when everything gets straightened out? By the end of 2016, more than 75 percent of Fiat-Chrysler's production cars and cross/utility vehicles will be on the Fiat-engineered C/D-Eco or CUSW platform. This platform currently underpins the Dodge Dart and the new Chrysler 100 that will make its way to production by 2016. The automaker plans to end production on the Dodge Avenger next year, leaving the brand with another hole in its lineup. With production vehicles limited under the Dodge brand, the Toluca plant in Mexico is up in the air. It isn't likely that Fiat-Chrysler will close the doors completely, but with Fiat 500 production moving to Poland in 2015, and the Dodge Journey replacement moving to Sterling Heights, Mich., there's a question of what will be built at this plant. It's likely that Toluca will produce a Fiat-based Jeep product off the CUSW platform.
On top of the discontinuation of the Avenger and the creation of the Ram brand--which rebranded the Dodge truck line--at least two more Dodge products will be taken from the lineup. These vehicles will either be discontinued or be badged as Chrysler vehicles. Regardless of what is going on behind the scenes, we can expect more announcements pertaining to the future of the Dodge brand to gradually come out as 2016 nears. Source: Wards Auto