What Would Jesus Drive? How about a Sea-Worthy Mini Cooper Convertible?

By Jacob Brown | October 19, 2012
What you're looking at isn't Photoshopped; it's an actual vehicle shaped like a 2004 Mini Cooper driving atop the water. "It's a miracle! Hallelujah!" you say. No, it's actually just a safety boat for the Head of Charles Regatta going on this weekend in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Taking a mould of a 2004 Mini Cooper hardtop, the automaker had ACI Composites of Lancaster, Pennsylvania—yes, that's Amish country—chop the top off its fiberglass replica and fit it to the hull of a boat. From afar, you'd never know the difference, as the Mini Cooper boat is fitted with genuine parts from the automaker, including its headlights, grille, tail lights, steering wheel, badges, and wheels and tires. But in case you think it'll motor along as quickly as the road-going version, think again: It only has a 6-horsepower outboard motor. If it's any consolation, though, your average Mini Cooper can't drive across water. Mini created this floating car for two purposes: First, as this is the automaker's first year of sponsoring the Head of Charles Regatta that runs along the Charles River, it needed to make a splash. Why not make your safety boat a little memorable? Secondly, it also helps cross-promote Mini's "Motor-Tober Not Normal Sales Event," and Mini needed to find out just how not-normal it could make the occasion. We'd say the automaker did all right for itself, perhaps taking inspiration from the Mini Yachtsman April Fools' car it made earlier this year. It almost seems like someone over at Mini didn't think it was just meant to be a joke. If you're not into boat races and still want to see this Mini motor around this weekend, the automaker you're in luck. Mini will be using this boat to cross the Potomac and Hudson Rivers as soon as its race duties have concluded. What do you think of Mini's creation? Is it so cool that it rocks the boat, or is the sea-worthy Mini Cooper boat simply a sinking ship? Source: Mini
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