Wide Open Throttle Charges Up for Driving Electric Audi A3 e-tron

By Jacob Brown | July 05, 2012
Is the electric car revolution finally upon us? One school says yes, with a huge influx of new plug-in cars hitting the market. The other would quickly remind you of the massive blackouts that hit the Northeast last week amid a heatwave and storms. Regardless of which side you believe in, the fact remains that more electric cars are coming. And one of them is the Audi A3 e-tron. Currently in a pilot program, Audi has distributed 17 of the all-electric Audi A3 e-trons across four cities. It's testing the cars for their plug-in usability in day-to-day driving before rolling out a full-production version of the A3 e-tron based on the next-generation hatchback, and an e-tron version of its R8 mid-engine sports car. Wide Open Throttle got to check out the A3 e-tron in pretty extensive detail, interviewing its product manager, too. Be sure to check it out and let us know: Would you consider an electric car?

Source: Motor Trend via YouTube