Will Alfa Romeo Bring A BMW Fighter To America?

By Blake Z. Rong | August 09, 2012
There's a general rule in journalism that headlines ending in a question can almost always be answered with a "no." Well, for our sake, let's hope this rumor ends with a "yes." Alfa Romeo, that feisty Italianate carmaker whose triangle grille launched a thousand fevered metaphors, is planning to build a sedan to take on the BMW 3 Series and Cadillac ATS. It's part of Alfa's revival plan, which mostly consists of sports cars right now and includes the 4C to our shores and the Spider to everywhere in between. You can't build a company out of sports cars—just ask Porsche—so the future car will be a volume model, positioned as an upscale sports sedan. That car's name? Giulia, a historic name in Alfa's lifetime, as shown above. Like the equally historic Giulietta and our upcoming Dodge Dart, it's meant to conjure up a history of Alfa Romeo involving Dustin Hoffman, windswept Italian cliffs, and the times not spent resyncing Dell'Orto carburetors and wondering why the windshield wipers only worked when the headlights cut out.
It'll be built on the Giulietta's "Compact" platform—trust us, it sounds better in Italian—albeit a newly-updated version made of mostly high-strength materials, including extensive use of aluminum. Engines will start from a 120-horsepower, 1.4-liter MultiAir four, but this one probably won't make it to America; it'll most likely use the Pentastar V-6 from Chrysler. Other engines haven't been announced, and corporate owner Fiat assures Americans and Europeans alike that Alfa Romeo won't just mooch engines from Fiat. Ultimately, Alfa Romeo wants to relaunch in America that it's been threatening for years, and ride this wave of Italian sentiment first started with the Fiat 500. And in order to do so, it'll have to build the Giulia here: alongside the Dodge Dart in Belvedere, Illinois, if common sense is any indication. And it'll face stiff competition against Audi, BMW, and Cadillac when it's released—but it's always got that one trump card going for it, in the name of Italian styling and sexy marketing. What's Catrinel Menghia up to these days? Bring on the Giulia Super. Source: Autocar