Will HUMMER go even more Off-road under Chinese Tengzhong?

By Automotive Staff | October 22, 2009
It shouldn’t be long now before General Motors finally announces a deal with Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Corp. concerning the sale of Hummer.There are two thoughts on what's going to happen to the SUV brand once the Chinese get their hands on it. Optimists believe that Hummer will get a lot more attention from Sichuan Tengzhong than it did from GM. That’s because the Chinese company doesn’t have a lot of vehicles to sell; in fact, the Hummer will be its only brand. So the car will get more attention and more funding. Sichuan Tengzhong will have a unique opportunity to make the vehicle more distinct with even better off-road capability. Our take? We guess only time will tell. via Automobile Magazine

I think the better question is will HUMMER sell better or at all now that it's under Chinesse government!!!