Will Your Local Ford Dealership Sell The Focus Electric?

By Blake Z. Rong | May 03, 2012
Automotive.com's El Segundo office is located a stone's throw from South Bay Ford, who thoughtfully gave us free ski passes one day as part of some test drive promotion. It was a thoroughly shameless attempt at a free weekend vacation, overwhelmingly justified by the "Hey, If They're Offering" corollary that Socrates himself proposed moments before sipping on his hemlock. Was it a ploy to curry favor with the gatekeepers of consumer automotive journalism, as we like to think of ourselves? Perhaps. But if they're one of the 67 dealers selected to receive the Ford Focus Electric, they won't have to bribe curiosity-seekers like us. The first 67 dealerships to sell the Focus Electric have passed their certifications with flying colors, and will be selling the electric hatchback starting this month. They're located in California, New York, and New Jersey for now, though 19 more states will be added to the roster this summer—and by the end of the year, the Focus Electric will be available in every state. Dealers had to pass a series of hoops and hurdles to gain the privilege of selling the Focus Electric, including offering two charging stations on site, assessing the dealership for green practices, taking part in special training, providing one Focus Electric on the showroom at all times, and challenging Alan Mulally to an arm-wrestling competition. There are approximately 3,000 Ford dealers in America, so the opportunity to market what Ford claims is the most efficient car in America is a huge boon to business. Plus, that Mulally has some mean biceps.
Source: Automotive News