Woman Gets a Speeding Ticket Test Driving a Hyundai

By Matthew Askari | February 28, 2012
A woman in British Columbia, Canada was given a speeding ticket by an officer that clocked her going 83 mph (it sounds less menacing as the original 135 km/hr) while test driving a Hyundai. The speed was 55 km/hr (34 mph) over the limit, hence a serious offense. We believe the 25 year-old woman was test driving a Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and really, while we would never advocate speeding (legal department, you may relax now) we can't blame her for wanting push the car a little. We recently drove the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and luckily were able to do so on a track designated for such behavior, happily radar-gun free. The woman and Hyundai dealership weren't as fortunate—the car was impounded on the spot, and the woman was issued a $368 Canadian (roughly equivalent to U.S. dollars these days) speeding ticket. A local police spokesman familiar with the incident, Sgt. Dean Jantzen, said "the employment status of the salesman is believed to be tenuous." Source: The Victoria Times Colonist